Donation in honor of Judge Robert Keating

Bob and Mary Lou Keating are life long friends and long time supporters of the foundation. Bob was such an advocate of helping those who might otherwise be overlooked. It is wonderful that Mary Lou has decided to honor him by requesting donations be made in his honor to the Marina Orth Foundation. Please click below to make your contribution in honor or Bob.

Our Model

Our model is based on three fundamental pillars:



We believe learning English is essential to becoming a global citizen. English is the key pathway to both the information explosion and the information economy. English fluency gives our students greater earning power throughout their lives. They learn new cultures and ways of thinking.



Our teachers and students use of technology in the classroom is double the average for Latin America. Our implementation of technology based projects helps to develop our students critical and analytical thinking. We are constantly seeking to innovate.



Not all learning takes place in the classroom. We emphasize creative extracurricular activities so that each of our students can strengthen and develop the skills to empower them to be leaders of their own lives, and at the same time exercise leadership in their communities.

Our Projects

Convinced of providing quality education to our communities, we developed three social innovation projects:

Step by Step

Technology + English + Leadership is our formula to guarantee a better future for our students. Classroom computers, English in grades K-5 and extracurricular activities for leadership building.


Training of teachers in STEM methodologies so that they can articulate the main areas of knowledge is the bridge to guarantee quality processes and empowerment of our students.


In partnership with Microsoft, we create opportunities for young people who do not study nor work (Ninis) developing competencies in technology for employment or study.

Our Impact

Thanks to our partners, over the past twelve years we have achieved the following:

Schools benefitted
Students benefitted
“XO” computers delivered
Teachers impacted
University scholars

Volunteer Program

Colombia: The second most biodiverse country on the planet with an abundant culture and young population.

Do you want to make a difference? Will you help us close the digital divide? Will you help us reach the national goal of becoming a bilingual country? Can you help us train children to be global citizens?

Don’t think twice about being a volunteer with us in one of the most innovative and dynamic places in the world.


Scholarship Program

Convinced that education is the only way to bring new opportunities to bright students from vulnerable communities, we created a scholarship program that supports academic training for our students in English, technical studies, technology or higher education.

We currently have thirty-five scholarship holders. Fifteen are studying English in our partner institutions such as Colombo Americano, and twenty study higher education in Educational Institutions such as UPB, UCO, among others.