We have doubled the average use of technology in the classroom

Our 4Ward teams teach teachers how to use and take full advantage of technology in their classrooms, to foster creativity, complex thinking, teamwork, research and problem solving in new ways. In less than 2 years schools with our 4Ward teams have doubled the use of technology in the classroom from the Latin American average of 40% to 80%.

Spanish and Math


We work with teachers and train them to integrate technological tools in the development of their classes, to achieve innovative and appealing experiences for their students


We create robotic clubs for students from preschool to eleventh grade with the purpose of reinforcing science, technology and research skills, so that the students can forge their own future from an early age and have the basis to study courses related to this subject. Working with pulleys, motors, parts and cables has become one of the most fun classes for these students, who look to robotics as a different way to learn.


“Robotics and Innovation Week” 2016

The Little Engineers, all girl robotics team.

The foundation fielded “The Little Engineers” the only all girl robotics team competing against 28 overwhelmingly male teams from throughout the region. They came in fourth place.
Each of our 4Ward schools has a Robotics team often taught by a woman teacher.

The Marina Orth Foundation has not only given my classmates and me knowledge in the field of technology, but has also taught us to work as a team, to share our knowledge with others and to become girl leaders in our school and our community. I have left behind the concept of working alone that I had when starting the robotics club and I have learned that working with others produces greater results

Sara Castrillón
14 years old
Santa Juana de Lestonnac