Visit To Nuquí , Chocó

1From the 16th to 18th July, thanks to Auteco, Mr. Luís Fernando Sánchez, the director of the foundation had the opportunity to travel to Nuquí, Chocó. Mr. Sanchéz was accompanied on his trip by Dr. Luís Fernando González, an advisor to the foundation. Together they visited the Chocó to explore the possible implementation of the Step by Step Project in Institución Educativa Ecoturística del Litoral Pacífico. They met with various local people who would be involved in the project should it take place, this included the principal of the school, Ms. Dora Lucía Londoño and Dr. Luz Marina Gálvez a delegate from the Secretary of Education of Chocó. They also had the opportunity to meet the vice-principal at the school and the two English and IT teachers. The principals and teachers were very welcoming and we look forward to the possibility of working together more in the future.