4In June the Marina Orth Foundation’s team continued to grow as we welcomed four new volunteers, three of whom are from the United States. Holly Malerba and Danielle Hungerbuhler will be working in Camino de Paz School with the students. They have also begun working teaching some of the 70 non-English teachers English in a project that the foundation runs in conjunction with Medellin Multlingue, a subsection of the Secretary of Education. At the moment they plan to stay at least until December. The third volunteer from the U.S. Ms Ruth Young, has been teaching English at the Marina Orth School for three weeks. She will be with us until the June 18th. Our forth volunteer, Ariana Gabaudan is working in El Progreso school in El Carmen and has also begun work on the Medellin Multilingue project. Ariana is originally French and Honduran, and speaks perfect English, she plans to be with the foundation until December.
We would like to thank them for their hard work and their contribution to the Step by Step projects so far.

Also Helen Tribbel and Steve Tribbel will be working in both Campo Alegre Rural School and El Progreso school.


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