6For a second year, the Marina Orth Foundation has been working with El Colombiano’s school newspaper project (Prensa Escuela). The project works to produce a school newspaper and with accompanying educational training. This project has been taking place in the Marina Orth Rural School where the team from El Colombiano have trained a core of leading teachers at the school in the all areas related to the production of the newspaper. They have also executed a workshop with 20 secondary school students.
This workshop has been designed to encourage the development of critical thinking and to reinforce reading and literacy skills. Furthermore, it consolidates students written Spanish skills in a way that interests them and will serve them in the rest of their studies. This all manifests itself in the Iemo News.
“To write about what happens in the community it to convert the invisible to visible” as said by Mrs. Clara Tamayo the project coordinator of Prensa Escuela (School Newspapers) at El Colombiano, reiterating the thoughts of some of the participants..