Since 2013, Mi Sangre foundation included education in its outreach. Staff and students at the Marina Orth School have been fortunate enough to be partaking in some of these processes with Mi Sangre. One example of this is the participation of some of our teachers and young people at the 7th World Urban Forum which took place in Medellin in April 2014. The support from Mi Sangre has not stopped there; in 2014, they have put into place a plan to strengthen creativity and active participation in school through the development of the school as an environmental protector as well as the starting point for the formation of citizenship through art and fun. Five professional facilitators specialized in the areas of phycology, art, pedagogy and literature have trained the teachers from the primary part of the school in their Paz a lo Bien methodology. They have also worked directly with groups from the primary school and their parents.
Up to now, they have had four meetings with the teachers and the student induction which took place on July 9th. Much enthusiasm and interest has already been shown for this project from both the teachers and the students. The project will continue until December 2014.