The Germán Saldarriaga del Valle Award

The Marina Orth Foundation is pleased to report that on September 22, 2016, we were given the Germán Saldarriaga del Valle Award.

The overall objective of the German Saldarriaga del Valle Award is to celebrate entities or individuals whose focus is on Social Development, Education, Scientific Research and Technology, Health, Culture, Ecology and Environmental Protection, and Sports. The forty-eighth award, given to the foundation, commends the work of institutions and schools who have excelled in their efforts to integrate the family in teaching students, to present innovative educational options, and to apply models of inclusion in schools.

The Marina Orth “Step by Step” Project was selected unanimously by the jury, which included Juan Luis Mejia Arango, Eafit Rector of the University; Myriam Montes Tamayo, director of the Montessori School, and Queipo Timaná Velasquez Ed.D., professor and researcher and former dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Antioquia.

During the award ceremony, we accompanied the Mayor of the City, Dr. Federico Gutierrez. Two of our outstanding scholarship students, Alan Arias and Valeria Ortiz, received the award on behalf of the Foundation. We are very grateful to the Rotary Club, the Corporation of Civic and Cultural Development, and all of you for believing in our projects and constantly supporting us.