Escuela Marina Orth began in the sixties when Peace Corps volunteer Maureen Orth was asked by the people of the rural community of Aguas Frias, in the Andes mountains above Medellin, to help them build a school.

With donated building materials from the National Federation of Coffee Growers, the people carved out a site on the side of a mountain and together with Marina built their first school.

Escuela Marina Orth began with two classrooms and 35 students. Today we have three schools that are currently being equipped to accommodate more than a thousand students.

In 2004, Dr. Horacio Arango, Secretary of Education of Medellin, asked Maureen Orth to help make the school named for her the first public bilingual school in Medellin.

In 2005, she hired Luis Fernando Sanchez to be Executive Director of the Marina Orth Foundation, which was formally incorporated in 2006.