We can receive financial support by check or Paypal. Please contact us for account details if you prefer to donate through XOOM, a safe and easy service that allows you to send money from your credit card directly to our bank account in Colombia. (Bancolombia).

Checks can be sent to

Marina Orth Foundation

5185 MacArthur Boulevard NW #619

Washington, D.C. 20016

Donations  are greatly appreciated.


We believe technology and communication are the keys to success in the 21st Century. To secure a child with a laptop costs $450 for the first year; for those who already have laptops, the costs for maintenance and supplies is $200 a year.

School Supplies

Many of the children in our schools cannot afford notebooks, books or uniforms. These supplies cost about $85 a year, per student.


The opportunity to pursue higher education was unimaginable to our students just a few years ago. Now we are helping to send a number of our graduates to universities and vocational schools. To provide 80 percent of vocational schooling for one year costs $1,000. A full university education costs $2,500 a year, and we offer scholarships for half that amount. Donations in any amounts are welcome for our student scholarships.

Help a School

A donation of $1,600 allows us to equip a school with administrative and educational supplies to keep it going for a year.

Donate Computers and Other Equipment

We are affiliated with Give to Colombia and Conexion Colombia, organizations that help expedite customs and taxes for large donations of equipment.


Please follow this link for more information.

Email us at contactus@fundaorth.org and share your experience with us.