After twelve years of working in Medellin, El Carmen de Viboral, La Ceja and other municipalities of Antioquia, Colombia, and with thanks to our partners, we have achieved the following:

Students benefitted
Computers delivered
Teachers impacted
Schools benefitted
University Scholars

For 2022 we have set a goal to have an impact on:


2017 Geographic Impact in Colombia

A Few Shining Examples

When I was in ninth grade, I was introduced to the Marina Orth Foundation. Thanks to two of my best teachers and some green computers that looked like a toy, I realized that as a young person I did not have limits and I could discover the world if I wanted to, even coming from Llanaditas, one of the neighborhoods that is most affected by crime in Medellin. Today, nine years later, the Foundation has become my family and has led me to think that my idealistic ethical attitude may make sense and that I can also be an agent of change.

Today I am in my fifth semester of law school at one of the most prestigious private universities in the country, the Pontificia Bolivariana University. When I was young and I imagined this university, it seemed far beyond my reach. Someone even told me once, ”Those who live here do not go to those universities, think of something useful, be realistic.” When a child has opportunities, the world is always a little better. The Foundation has made the values of freedom, solidarity, fraternity, and equity have a meaning in my life today.

Marlon Vargas, Law Student

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Medellín)

“I became a scholar with the Marina Orth Foundation when I was eleven years old. The Foundation helped me to create an open attitude and an unimaginable field of opportunities to know new places, people, and experiences. I was elected by the United States Embassy in Bogotá to become the United Nations Youth Ambassador in New York, where I aspire to work in the future.

Now I am part of a team of English professionals of the Foundation and it is a privilege to say that I work in a place that has taught me so much.

The work of the Foundation to support children is invaluable and that is why I feel very fortunate to be part of an organization that transforms lives.”

Yuliana Quintero
Undergraduate Student of Communications
English Professional – Marina Orth Foundation

Yineth Vásquez came to Marina Orth School in 2004 as a ten year old after her family was forced to leave their community due to violence. She quickly became a school leader and in her last year she was elected to be the school’s Student Representative. This formative experience led her to become interested in government and politics. Thanks to a foundation scholarship to study at the university level she received her undergraduate degree in psychology in order to help with the reconstruction of her community in the post-conflict era of Colombia.

At the end of 2016, Yineth was hired to be coordinator of the Foundation’s scholarship program to oversee the success of 38 foundation graduates who are now pursuing university degrees. Yineth describes herself as “passionate, a feminist, an environmentalist, and a collaborator.” How proud we are of her!

“For me, being a part of the Foundation is a dream because my time in the Marina Orth Educational Institution made me into the person that I am.”

Yineth Vásquez
Undergraduate Degree in Psychology
Scholarship Program Coordinator – Marina Orth Foundation