Our objective is to develop STEM skills, bilingualism, and leadership to empower our students. We are convinced that their success not only depends on classroom lessons but also self-confidence, teamwork, and perseverance. A knowledge of technology and English combined with strong interpersonal skills will enable them to achieve their dreams and goals.

Our model is based on three fundamental pillars:




  • English: We believe learning English is essential to becoming a global citizen. English is the key pathway to both the information explosion and the information economy. English fluency gives our students greater earning power throughout their lives. They learn new cultures and ways of thinking.
  • Technology: Our teachers and students use of technology in the classroom is double the average for Latin America. Our implementation of technology based projects helps to develop our students critical and analytical thinking. We are constantly seeking to innovate.
  • Leadership: Not all learning takes place in the classroom. We emphasize creative extracurricular activities so that each of our students can strengthen and develop the skills to empower them to be leaders of their own lives, and at the same time exercise leadership in their communities.