Our Partnership with Microsoft “[email protected]”–Youth Who Neither Study Nor Work

Funded by Microsoft, our SparkTIC centers are scattered in strategic locations throughout Medellin and surrounding towns. Participants aged 14-25 attend 3 hours per day for 6 weeks in special boot camps with programming tutors who lead these former dropouts to short or long term internships in public or private organizations and businesses.


  • How to Make Apps for Smartphones

  • Multimedia Graphics

  • Coding

  • How to Start a Business Drone

How We Do It

The training is done through the implementation of 100-hour Bootcamps (immersive courses) in different strategic locations in the city, called “SparkTIC Centers”. The classes are three hours a day every day for six weeks. In addition, participants have online support from tutors specializing in coding, who are informed of the progress of each participant.

At the end of the workshops, they are able to participate in short- or long-term internships within public or private organizations.


If you want to be one of our students in:

  • Bootcamps (Registration form)
  • Network of Young Programmers – Virtual

If you want to be a partner:

  • SparkTIC Center: If you have facilities with computers and an appropriate space for our students to learn and develop technological skills, we would love to meet you so that together we can bring new opportunities to more Ninis.
  • Call If you know young people that neither study nor work and believe that our program can open new doors for them, opportunities and strengthen the development of various skills, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can work together!
  • Donations: If you are interested in making a social investment and you are convinced of the power of education and of bringing new opportunities to vulnerable communities, do not hesitate to donate here.
  • Interns: If your organization needs interns in programming and technological development issues, we have them. Please contact

Write an email to: [email protected] or call us (+57 4) 3223739 ext 113.